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:star:In My Favorites You See work
Of People That Put Their Heart In Their
their work
and me and my friends cosplay adventures
so check it out <3


what nice of you for visiting my page
Call me :Tsuki or Mariri

I'm kind and very cheerful girl that loves to talk so don't be shy at all :la:
and if you having problems just ask me maybe I can help :meow:

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currently game playing ,Kingdom hearts Location : atlantica<3
Pokemon omega ruby,five nights at freddy's and five nights at freddys 2

(I just love this song so much <3


what nice of you for visiting my page
Call me :Tsuki or Mariri

I'm kind and very cheerful girl that loves to talk so don't be shy at all :la:
and if you having problems just ask me maybe I can help :meow:

Request Closed Stamp by SquirtleStamps
Art Trades Closed by SquirtleStamps
Commissions Closed by SquirtleStamps maybe reopen maybe.
Gifts - Friends Only by SweetDuke</u>

currently game playing : Silent hill 4 the room (finished)
Spyro a hero's tail ,Kingdom hearts Location : atlantica<3

what kinda type of girl do you think I am? 

17 deviants said I know the answer :giggle:
15 deviants said nerdy type girl *comment and tell me why you think I'm this type of girl *
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to do list

to do list ^^

finished all the commissions

for my best friend ~ :iconx-seion-x:
*chibi digimon's
*chibi Specter needs to be finshed
*our dream eaters
*all her favorite pokemons
*chibi xehanorths (Ansem,young xehanort,xemnas,etc
chibi Riku
chibi Roxas
chibi Isa and Axel
*fnaf and fnaf 2 chibi's (freddy,bonnie,chica,foxy,mangle,toy freddy,toy chica,toy bonnie,mangle <3)
did I forgot something ?

note if I forgot you please send me a note because I'm way to forget full ^^'
I'm sure I forgot someone since this list was much longer.
Ps: I'm dealing with a art block at the moment sorry... but finally slowly I can start on them
so give me a little time more


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life goes on update

Thu Nov 13, 2014, 1:49 AM
EDIT 3 :
Christmas Christmas is coming which means I will be busy at the moment

to be honest this year I'm really not in the mood for Christmas
normally I love it but now just no I want this be over quick
my mental health is also not so good I have nightmares a lot of times

I want to be my cheerful self but at the moment it's impossible I'm starting to become
like the girl I was before the girl that was so negative about herself
and it's starting again to take control over me no matter what I do
so much negative thoughts are in my head sometimes I wondering why my friends are still there for me I really do not deserve them sign

well there is also some good news I'm back at doodling yeah still not have the power to finish a drawing but
yeah I'm drawing again which is a big hooray I guess

time for a fnaf questions :3

1. How did you react to your first jumpscare? Who scared you first?
I remember my first jumpscare it scared me a lot and it was bonnie oh how much do I love bonnie DX 

2. Have you actually played the game?
Yes finished the first game to be precisely yes even the 20/20/20/20 mode

3. Do you play the demo, or full version? If so, What night are you on?
Full Version since I own both copies and share them with my friends finished the first game even the 20/20/20/20 mode
I'm on night 7 custom night( new and shiny) on FNAF2 yes I still need to finish 10/20 mode T.T

4. Which character do you love most?
(FNAF)Foxy and (FNAF2)mangle <3

5. Which character do you hate most?
 bonnie wait No my hate for BB is never ending
6. If you wanted to change they're name, what would you name them?
 Bon Bon's name nah, even if he is a such ass to me, Bonnie is really fitting
and bb well I can him hell child or demon child

7. If you wanted to be captured by one of the characters, who would you want to capture you? wait can I choose nobody if not then I choose balloon boy no wait nobody really

8. Do you know about the bite of 87?
Who hasn't heard of the bite of 87

9. What was your reaction to 87?
I was look omg is it a ......

oh paycheck

11. Do you have a OC of a night guard? Or a robot-like-animal character?
not yet but maybe later and yes I torture on of my Oc's to work there as a night guard in a crossover story hehehehe >3

12. Don't you just hate your boss for setting this trap up to you?
the boss is a  moron yes I'm serious about that

13. Don't you think this Boss could do it himself?
What, take the shift ?

14. What ship do you ship the characters? (Not with your OC)
hmm not thought about it yet

15. What ship do you ship the characters? (With your OC)

16. How many times have you been captured and screwed? Or how many do you think you know?
First game, the 1,2,3 night where no problems for me but the troubled started with the fourth night and the six was horrible but nothing will beat the 7th night just having troubles to beat it first bonnie was a big ass then it was freddy because my strategy was off  and even when I had a good one freddy just came and play the Toreador short version and I got killed killed and killed
but finally after uhm 3 hours I beat it yes!!!

and don't get my started on Fnaf2 that was a horrible ride and beating the six night took me like 5 hours
for me FNAF2 is a lot harder then the first game

17. If this job was real, and you had alot of fursuits of your characters... who'd you be?
uhm I don't have so dunno

18. Were you surprised when Foxy was running after that door
first time I saw him same reaction as markiplier XD

19. Swiggity Swoggity Foxy comin for that Booty. B>
your not going to get my foxy !

20. Do you think Chica is a chicken or a duck? What's your opinion?
thanks to Markiplier's let's plays I thought that Chica was a duck, that was until he unlocked the 7th night I was like wait she is a chicken

21. Do you think Bonnie is a good name for a boy rabbit?
 its misleading like chica

22. What do you usually do when the power goes out, knowing your going to get screwed?
most of the time started to sing a song how much I was screwed or sometimes I just closed my eyes 

23. Have you ever went in the game BLIND? 

24. Did you watch other people on Youtube play it? If so, who? If not, who do you wish to play it?
I watched Markiplier play the first and second FNAF game

25. Who do YOU think murdered the five kids?
to be honest I don't believe phone guy is the killer I mean why would he be the killer the way he sounded on night 6 he was worried about your safety  why would the killer tell you to finish your shift if he was the killer then he was like oh just go home then if you get killed I will be happy
no I believe purple guy is someone else
I think scott want us to think that phone guy is the killer and is misleading us yes I really believe that.

26. If you were best friends with one of the characters who would it be? (It cant be your favorite one either!)
man...oh damn
Hmmm....I would befriend Chica and Toy Chica ,or toy bonnie and freddy

27. If you wanted to bring a weapon in the office with you, what would it be?
 everything for my safety

28. I wonder what they're doing in the kitchen....

29. Oh no! Foxy is coming for you!
*slams the door shut*nanana not fast enough foxy

30. Do those screams scare you when you get caught?
yes in the beginning they did

Edit: R.I.P My dear grandma you will be in my heart forever :heart:

please don't worry to much about me I maybe having a hard time will heal

well guys I think it's time for a update

how are you guys doing?
if someone is wondering how I am doing at the moment...not so good.
I'm very sad since I heard from my mother that soon my grandma will die...

at the moment things are bad very bad I have a feeling today or tomorrow it's goodbye:cries:
last week things where looking better, but I knew deep in my heart not the trust it at all..

this is the first time in my life I'm going to lose someone of my family
(both grandpa's died when I was just a baby so I never met them)

and further more my mood of drawing just reach the limit
I don't have the motivation  or the patience anymore to even start or finish a older drawing *sign*
I always told my self thing will get better but they aren't
I'm dealing with a horrible art block  and it feels like I'm losing a part of me

well talk you all later


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my lovely friends :3

want to be part tell me and let's talk <3

:star:my best buddie :star:

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I'm one of the Hikaru/Jimmy triplets :la:
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omg it's snowing and I need to deliver the mail also today going to be a long day.
Sat Jan 24, 2015, 1:34 AM
breeding in pokemon X my new team members Ryhorn I wasn't even trying for a shiny but I got one ok
Wed Jan 14, 2015, 5:54 AM
5 challenges to go and I am done with five nights at freddys 2
Tue Jan 13, 2015, 2:26 PM
still going to work even if I feel so horrible I can survice it
Tue Jan 6, 2015, 1:17 AM
having a cold and feeling sick really sucks DX
Sat Jan 3, 2015, 4:13 AM


Jan 26, 2015
5:47 pm
Jan 26, 2015
5:36 pm
Jan 26, 2015
12:52 pm
Jan 25, 2015
9:10 am
Jan 24, 2015
7:02 pm

Omega ruby team

:pokeball:Pokemon Omega ruby team :pokeball:
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