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July 1, 2013
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CI Monthly Feature - #11

Mon Jul 1, 2013, 1:11 AM
Hello dear members of #Creation-Inspiration

Another article featuring 200 pieces from our members! :la: This is a great opportunity to showcase your works to more than 38k members!

How can I get featured?

In the 15th of every month, we will post the feature poll. Just leave a thumbnail of one of your works on that poll and we will feature you in the 1st of next month. Make sure you comment before we close the poll. There's only 200 slots!

Don't Cry by MikiCloverIchigo from Tokyo Mew Mew by AnimecolourfulReaching the clouds... by MarzzelWeek-end by the sea by Princess-Suki-WHeloise by KsenyaDesign
Imprisoned by Jenplant Yami the encarnation of darkness by YAMATA12:thumb378883183: Change of heartIn a large suburban house, lived a man with a dream, a dream of a world without prejudice, without bigotry, without shame, or fear , or doubt, and this man was determined to make that dream become a reality. The time was 11:09 PM, and in this mans house there was quite a large basement, filled with many wondrous ideas which he had built over the short span of his 27 years in this life, though this one dream was the basis of all of his ideas and inventions. He studied many different sides of life, law, psychology, theology, mythology, physiology, basically everything he had ever come across. He had stumbled upon the since of mental manipulation, and found a way to transfer the thoughts from one being to another, and this new invention he had built had the ability to do that very thing, only on a very large scale. This invention had the ability to transfer all the human minds on the planet. The man made a timer for the activation, and built a separate device to erase his entire life, soLOVESICK by BelialMadHatter
Adam Lambert Trespasser by mangafox23Aniju Portrait by Aniju-AuraTree Lights by AstridStormLight:thumb372051005:TH: Chickens are cute desu yo! by LinYan
My golden heart by theheekLondon England by Casmirlovesjasper13Taylor Swift by Baccano6Saphira and Thorn by princessmariposaMedallion by xXBloodyLunaXx
Cakes by Colorful--MelodyMaplestory - Bishop by Tart-SpiritConfusingThoughtsOo - request by SianariReturn to Mother by tidiburrThe letter by hikarukaze
Brush Stroke Idea by Caen-NFlutter by HannahjaneleeNever forget who you are by SophistcationOfSortsGlaedr by FoxJewell The Girl in the Sky by LikaKinsky
kuroko and rin REQUEST by tomomi-samaIron Man 3 by vegetanivel2Ofelia y el fauno by sweetsourcherryhere is canada submission by tenshi-koneko500Hamish from Braveheart by MArt120
Red Haired Girl by Yamikouno sound but the sound of the wind by SofiaHigginsLate Night Run by tarynsgateMy Little Pony by NerdyKnitterDesignsAcademy H.E.A.R.T.S charas page one by Mukoru-chan
Diatornis - The Dragon-Raptor by PenguinAttackStudiosin my dream by Lolita-Artz:thumb372066767: Chiro and Susy's bitter pastSusy was born as an eternal princess to her eternal parents, the queen and king of the universe. She was wearing her princess gown, even when was a little baby. At the time of her birth, Heaven wasn't safe enough for her to live in. So, the queen decided to make her live like a normal girl in the middle world, the Universe. So, she sent Susy down, and her eternal parents sent their human forms, and they all started living on Earth.
Susy had a bad start in her life. When she was little, some robbers were after her family on Earth a long time ago. The robbers were trying to kidnap Susy but they couldn't. Once, when Susy, her big brother Bradley, and her parents were in their house, the robbers set their house on fire. It was an unexpected one. Everyone were escaping the house. Susy was just a baby that time. Bradley and Dad were out of the house. But Mom and Susy were still inside. Susy's Mom took her from the cradle before it could burn, and she running to the exit. Suddenly, the flames
Divine Blood Extracurricular: Pop Quiz
Vollstahl was a port city, not the biggest port in the area, but certainly it received its far share of traffic. Given that port cities were along the water, they usually came with stretches of beach that were frequented by locals and tourists for any of a number of purposes. For the moment, one of those people, a local, was doing a little recreational scuba-diving about fifteen feet down from the surface. The silt filled waters around him were making his first attempt at spear-fishing rather difficult.
He would have frowned under his mask if the breathing apparatus was positioned in such a way as to allow it. Granted, the air supply was getting close to the safety point as well and without visibility, finding any fish was going to be next to impossible. The diver reached back to check his catch bag, making sure it wasn’t leaking any blood that would point him out, and then started to push his way back up to the surface.
Which was when he saw the movement out of the corner of his

CdR: Missing Colours by Tishawish:PC: Hachiimi by Nanami-YukariSummer Showers by DeazeaHilda (Linework Animation) by thescarecroww [S.A]: Ah! It's a Wonderful Cat Life! by Mielluu
Portal- Are you corrupted? by CheapcookieDenial by TOYDREAMERStop making duck face by Eitvys200Time Burries All by toxkillfraexSupertree Grove by SolitariusWolf
The Gardens by nikkidoodlesx3:thumb377606973:THE -BFFSIES 4EVERZ- GALS by deltari2Landscape with fields by yanacherveniashkaWinter of souls by Lweeling
Webcomic - TPB - Long Overdue - Page 49 by DedasaurShyeis Visnus by ZeAtomikParanoiaThis land is home by WildbattyStarGazing With A Friend by Null-EntityLittle Flowers: Coptic Bound Sketchbook  FOR SALE! by LadyDragonKia
Burger Cake by claremansonAkira and Shiki Colour by Cray-MonsterMake 'em Special by GoldenEmotionsGood Morning! by SHiNiNGSTARS3Araucaria Vale by Miguel-Santos
Together by GengakutakuTraditional vs Digital DB by anime-haloSesemonda the Bad Witch by SesemondaSissi in her Famous Diamond Star dress by selinmarsouCourageous Pinkie by Pony-Berserker
chibi Leen - iBlink by Princess-CoCo-154:thumb377615881:request :fem box: by tomomi-samaLooking transparent paradise by murderartist
StarRaker by drawitoutIn the Deep/I'm Here by TheLadyWellflowerOlivia Dunham - Anna Torv (FRINGE) (Video Link) by OndjageSKRATCHJAM SONICVERSE - Redraw by HappyAggrolovers by blazi76
:thumb376916932:Surrealism by SwarelleCommission~Aeran, Aelys and Beeren by kaifuuSunset Silhouette by DarthIndyLady 'Boom' ref 2013 by Sferath
Commission: Toxic 1 by goikuRORONOA by KidiMaster Warriors Into The Wild Parody-PrologueTigerclaw: Oakheart, why are you here at Sunningrocks?
Oakheart:I heard it was Redtail's birthday party.
Tigerclaw: Nobody invited you. 
Oakheart: Too bad, cuz I made every cat in RiverClan come.
Tigerclaw: You may wanna get away from here Mousefur; Oakheart is angry.
Mousefur: awww...okay...but then i will miss all the fun.
Redtail: We might as well cancel the party. RiverClan is ruining it.
Tigerclaw: But it will ruin your special day!!!!!
Redtail: Whatever. I just don't want BLUESTAR to get involved. Let's leave.
Tigerclaw: Aww...but the party was just getting started...
Bluestar: Spottedleaf, how's Mousefur doing?
Spottedleaf: She has almost recovered completely from the dissapointment of missing the party.
Bluestar: Darn it. I was hoping she would die of sadness.
Spottedleaf: I cannot believe what Redtail did.
Bluestar: I know. He's such a party pooper. Got any messages from StarClan lately?
Spottedleaf: Nope.
Bluestar: Like, seriously, what better things do dead cats have to
Most Recent Painting by MissMew0417
Incense BurnerThe incense grips the scent of memory, and strangles it.
The sweet smell is deadly to that of a joining, and the final parting.
Black Love upon the gargoyle's burner.
Suffocating, scarcely mercy it's only images now.
Pictures that make one choke to remember.
Not another soul knows the power of that upon the gargoyle's burner..
Pain of knowing its final, the sweetness chases it away.
The faint glowing tip promises no more, yet only until its charred away..
When the scent ends, how much will it hurt?
Memories fried, ash in the gargoyle's burner..
They'll persist forever more, no courage to scatter the remains.
The bittersweet stick of forgetfulness, one to leave another.
In the Gargoyle's Burner.
:thumb378031495:Like a Dream by WhisperwingsTempura Soba VS Ham Egg by ashoffeathersDeath Comes Calling by CathleenTarawhiti

Dru by svyreThe Shell Of Life by DaneasChi by MadhurupaAidan Turner as Mitchell in Being Human No. 3 by SHParsonsIce and Fire by Peter-The-Knotter
Wrong size, ne? by ChewsomeHer glance of hope by Jolly-ImpGuan Yinping: Lethal Dance by rinfioraELM403 4/2013 - Caught in a storm (Collab) by konrei-samaDark Soul - Contest Prize for MeoWmatsu by Kimidoll
SO: Janlin Taylor by ANTI-causticLogo SinfullyCute by SinfullyCuteRoze by KatraliehZaken (2013) by Vrihedd{ OPEN } Poishi Adopt #1 by nepheme
C-taaaaaaaaaaaaa by ferorenLiquid Frost by EvershiningHopeAlafia River - Dragonfly 05 by DretographyVelvet'n'drops by LadyCarnal:thumb375300958:
Nana and Takeshi by Guy2362I'm calling you ! V by ArayashikinoshakaMy teddy Bear by Emi-GeminiFormacja Chatelet by Lidias93The Sky's the Limit by Potato-K

Blame Simon by samuraj-SZADZIK- shelter - by OwliviaThink Pink by MissObsidian95EXO - Wolf Tao by Hakashi-ArakawaCM : Indis by CandyPiie
Procreate Art : Midnight Collector by TashaChanSleeping Stars by AWPhotographyandArtbeauty of the spring by scarlette13Transformations by MariyaIgnatova
[AC4] Edward Kenway by teralilacRed Dancer by MalinPihlCurious Anime Girl by DemonicSlayer33Vegeta doesn't like parties by LorenzoSabiaBlood Fiery by Deepless
236 2 By Azncosplaydeviants-d65duh5 by AZNCosplayDeviantsValentine's Day by JunshiroTropic Girls by SilernaMr. Baconman and Breakfast Dog by GlassesBluIt Stares by Sprouteeh
Recharge by doobdoobomSplash by Leny97Witch Concept 1 by ThePurpleSorcererdaydream by winterbreath1998King of the Universe by Matna-chan

Good Vs Evil by Lolita-ArtzMoon and Earth by MidnightArtDragonStar Hunters by DrayuuPrecious Treasure. by cookielover17A thief and his pet by sachi813
Diablo 3 Female Demon Hunter 8bit minecraft Dark by 8bitXminecraftThe Magical Circle~tan -CLOSED- by MichibanCupcakesNinetails by OdetteryNight in Motion by lil-MickeySunbathing by JetteReitsma
Hello, Litleo by MasterOfUnlockingThe Little Mermaid by SpanishRose98Life play by Ci-Zu AT: Shuga by BunnymeeLet me play you a song... by elexti
Swans by Cassy-BlueShiroi Krow by ShiroiKrowMe and my family by BubbleDriverBat Joker by ryuunootomePloosh Spadre by Angiebutt
Fighting by VilenchikYuuma Sim Date by ILuvVegeTarbleTrunks[COMMISSION] Shima by freuddwynThe Truth by Hanami-KokoroKeowee the Eclectic Parrot by fantreasureplanetljs


:thumb326731999:Books Are Dangerous! by YamikouSun-Day For Wurms~ by SpiderMilkshakeNotre-Dame de Paris and The Seine (Commission) by AkiraHikawa:thumb377230808:
Timetravel by IsalovesphotographyWhy? by YamiNoBoshiDrowning In The Sky by EnchantedSecretsContra by BradwhitlamThe Enchantress of Dreams by PWNPROD
Time Travel by XxFTIxXPG :: The Bastard Prince by sonyasim55Avarynn--Healer OC of a Steampunk Pern by Silverarte Asuka derp by isaewayThe Merge Of Reality And Dreams by Ceals
It's raining... by Risa1Lady of the Deadwood by AsiaBreenCarmina Natura. by AsymptoticWayGrowing Pains by TaintedKurseBy the Springs by goomzz
Polymer Clay White Cake Assortment by AgentRoseMiniature Melon Pan Basket by WaterGleamAnesssa cataball game character by K-hermannOC Challenge: River Goddess by CapricornicisSurreal Beauty by charmgal27
Thank you! :happybounce:

Skin made by Ikue and Redesign by SaTaNiA
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