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August 31, 2013
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CI Monthly Feature - #13 (fixed)

Sat Aug 31, 2013, 3:00 PM

Hello dear members of #Creation-Inspiration

Another article featuring  pieces from our members! La la la la This is a great opportunity to showcase your works to more than 39k members!

:bulletred: How can I get featured?

:bulletwhite: In the 15th of every month, we will post the feature poll. Just leave a thumbnail of one of your works on that poll and we will feature you in the 1st of next month. Make sure you comment before we close the poll. There's only 200 slots!

:new: :bulletred: Can I use the 'Add Media' button to add my thumbnail?

:bulletwhite: No! :crying: please don't. Just copy and paste your thumbnail in the comment then delete the last : so the thumbnail won't work. This way is much easier for us to copy and paste thumbnails into the journal rather than opening several taps just copy them from there.

EDIT: Problem with the deviations has been fixed they are now clickable 

 Here's CI monthly feature:

Loveless by StarsColdNightLeonardo DiCaprio by AmBr0R: KolliceKat by AshpyrGod Is A Concept - Nicola C by Null-EntityBee 1 by zaphotonistaFerri-Study3 Genesis by DBolandArtOel ngati kameie by GothKat11234I love chu by puniiu
Ninetales Tribal Art by sruoPretty Little Liars by Yenni-VuWhere Did the Pool Party Go? by TheSonOfLilituFly, fly little wing...Fly beyond imagining... by Silver-Metalwolf13Cryaotic by caramel-dixon<da:thumb id="388127098"/>Gift - Mynth bookmark by Shiroka-chanMai and Mira Bring it on! by NinjacornPegasus

<da:thumb id="366825950"/>typography poster by ragheb-abuhamdanAbraxas by MarchingSINVanilla Salt de! by Thata-channCallista Romeiro by rei-kiriLeviathan by DamnedSlackerIce Cream Cupcake Charm + Red Bean Buns Trade by AgentRose

Fun Ghoul by Gerardwei<da:thumb id="392073042"/>Princess Celestia by NerdyKnitterDesigns<da:thumb id="390489120"/>MAX by theMaianebula\Black Rock Shooter - Peace by anime-haloShaly by KampfzwergLeviheadshot by Nikaerin

Reflection in the Water by Kitsuneintheblizzardpumpkiindoll by monokumaa~Candy Island ~ by Ja-Na-Na6 AM by dizzyflower28JohnxTonto: The Reasoning by kay-samaWild Sun by Sunrise-LoneWolfNo Turning Back by scathing-sanityYes??? by cheslah


Maka-Chop! by micchiyumeThe Rain is gone! by GanjamiraCommission: Sky Wanderer (painting) by oceans-inferno\Lolita: Rest by TaterTot-CosplayKirito and Asuna -- Sword Art Online fan art by antuyetlaiBetween Fire and Darkness by X-Seion-XHawkguy by Kallian91Falling stars by Mspugluver

Angela Page Doll by azuriinPastel Goth Space Girl by nataszekShine Bright by iAmoretHAPPY BIRTHDAY AKUMAKI!!! by sysengratThe Institution Kitchen Club by DearYouIyraLights above the Arby's (episode 25) by iisjah<da:thumb id="392521897"/>aradevon poolside 01 by Dretography

Orangina! by MoochirinSleeping Stars by AWPhotographyandArtFlower Rabbit by NyaSkoryA Play on Chords by Pony-BerserkerDruid by Wing0EaterJazz by NotAGoddessCommission: Angel Vs. Demon - Nikyo Hold by silverlifeDP: An Endless Universe by Serinji
Golden Caverns by ChaseStarlitKamochi 1 Auction (Closed) by jeanswithholesKane and Bianca by DedasaurBoF: Tanabata Festival by LinYanSusans and Stripes by rayvin734Submission by ascenciokFlowersspeedpaint by MARoyCountless Fields by reznor666

A Painting of the 11th Doctor Who by jht888Pothanger "Maskpotcandle" by Peter-The-Knotter<da:thumb id="392965864"/>Martian Dreams by FromtheGalaxyMarise Asahina - Espada by KimidollSlaughtered Angel - Jack Daniels and a 45 by eveningstars242Let's Go by NenraekaOW: Invitation to the darkness by konrei-sama


Smoke by nehz113079 by Magnius159Depths by Luv4Corky2.: CM: Lacie :. by sharumiiSOLD Tang the fruit tingle lemur poseable art doll by CreaturesofNatFamily Portrait by RustyCroutons.:A Starry-Eyed Encounter:. by RadiantHeartsAbstract by Risa1

Contest-Fuka-chi-Female Persona by FlourescentRavenMogtair by diskfire:: Cinder in the Windowsill :: by AmyranthPhotographyNorway -Bad- by Kath-the-shadowCollapse by TheFancyOwlWhere Are You Off To? by SpiderMilkshakeMinion Cosplay by Z4N9

The New Musician by theheekPrize: samuRAI-same by Redbell9Black jewels. by cookielover17Dream by Hellas-Antares BlazBlue - second beginning by eyeburnI See The Light by danajayyRoma Sunset by WeaselTeaOnly Weak Against The Sun by SoulsCore

All I ever wanted by KuroeMoonBottle Miku - Her heart in a bottle by Kitsu-YuzurinBubonic by JuliaEileenThanagarian bracelet by Lil-HawkNatalia by PMucksThe Red Eyes by MikiClover<da:thumb id="390489195"/>

CA - Task 3A: I'm no Superman by StabrinaHeavenly Dragon's Gift by shinsengumi77Nightfall by Anomalies13.bright lights, big city. by Tone-of-EchoesSweet Storm by JupiterLilyYuhi by chaoslilacExcellent Exorcism by BrieanaFlower Rabbit by NyaSkory

Kazuo Yami new remake by YAMATA12BoF: Tanabata Festival by LinYanREAL EYES REALIZE REAL LIES__DOODLE by anyazaliahead phones by SatoshiDMiku::Rainbowroad by MikrilunaThe Calm and the Storm - Fur Elise by Timothi-EllimDon't wake the sleeping beauty up by yunisu-chan

The Almighty by kaifuuMy Dog, Shade by cupcakekitten20Realism Attempt by ChewsomeAT: Tansy by BunnymeeYou seems tasty by MilicaClkElsa by selinmarsouFantasy dragon on skull 8bit minecraft Dark by 8bitXminecraftLet me dream by LadyCarnal

This is my design. by FloraRedwoodSunset On The Roof by KidiMasterArena Collab - Draw your Arena self! by Guy2362Mark Farner by rawr9321All to party! by Ciullo-CorporationMermaid by KatraliehSh Pg1 by BubbleDriverEncounter with a god by DamaiMikaz

Christmas is a waiting by JabuzzzFree Icon: Sylveon by SinfullyCuteLibrary love by FarbtropfenSuperhero Disney Princesses 2012 by Winged-warriorRaising my Voice to the Sun at Noon by AsymptoticWayPC: Arcenciel for Gardosen by rainbownoteErza and Jellal: you may kiss the bride... by Rinoa-Light-LeonhartFulgrim, Emperor's Children by luffie

Sara (P. Commission) by AkiraHikawaSlenderman by ChrisOzFultonSunset by SissykeOn top of the world by OniNoKoNoah's Testament by MariyaIgnatovaPandas EVERYWHERE! by Matna-chanNot Marx Part II by kylebjartQiao Yi Awakening Form by Momoko122


Infinite sky by SouOrtiz<da:thumb id="387015734"/>Foliage by PurpleKettuLove Star Calligraphy Calligram by CiillkSweet Kiss by PhoibeSoleilMSP-2013-Sailor Electra-Round 2 by AnimecolourfulART TRADE with zekushi by AeveternalForest Spirit by fishydraws

special pc riam-ji by Cheapcookie<da:thumb id="391373340"/>For adoption! :open: by Shire7Magician by sachi813A so little princess - Princess and the Pea by Blossom-LullabiesDead promises by YtrilDigory Tohen by Vintage009Just anothe tonemapping test by doobdoobom

White on Black Merlin/Colin Morgan Portrait by MagicalMerlinGirlFantasia by hsybbedmadara uchiha by kidnaserRequest: Ninetales gijinka by MidnightArtDragonDreamer by CamaroLpNabi Summer M.E.:7 by Kimine-kkkDanaerys Mother of Dragons by C21Dreamcatcher by Vilenchik

Danaerys Mother of Dragons by C21The Dystopian Hunter by zenithcollectorAs The World Falls Down 08 2013 by HeatherGwinnLa Foret by JiJidrawsGood Girls Gather by EmmersDrawberryDeath's Road by x-Angel0Alsterschwan by blueimaginationMy first stencil graffiti by sparkling-mica

Hermione LCC by bananashroomThe Warm Hug by MarzzelSylvanas Windrunner by jellyxbat

Mind Shift Ch. 6"Get him!"
I ran out of the room and toward the elevator. Two bisharp blocked my way. I stopped, taking a few steps backward. I backed into another bisharp.
"L-Let me through or else," I warned, drawing my sword.
The bisharp burst out into laughter.
"I-I'm serious! I'll rip you guys into shreds!"
One of the bisharp extended his blades and swung at me from the side. I blacked it with my sword, but the blow knocked me backwards. It came in for another attack, this time from above. I rolled over, got up and was swung at by the other bisharp. I blocked that attack, too, but it was expecting that and pushed me to the side. I hit the wall with a small grunt. I barely had time to straighten myself out before one of the bisharp used slash. I held up the blade and I thought it was going to break it, or knock the sword out of my hands. Damn, they're just too strong, I thought, I can't keep up.
"Are you ready to give up yet, boy," The lady asked, placing her hand on her hip.
I stood back up, trem
<da:thumb id="342394155"/> Red Riding Hood's CabaretA dancing girl with fiery hair,
Twirling smoke around her finger
Dances in darkness for a sea of howling wolves
Unclothed, her emptiness is put on stage
To burn in the spotlight
As claws scratch at the floor
She plucks a hot cigarette from one of the fingers
Puts it to her lips and takes a warm sultry drag
"Look, but don't touch" she mutters,
Stepping just close enough for a claw to rip into her thigh
And she whispers into the snarling crowd
"What more do you want?"
as her hips and crimson lips rock smoothly and tempt softly
And while her legs move, her eyes dance and smile,
Unsolvable mazes of golden brown for irises.
A subtle wink gives wolves the night of their lives.
Sequins stun, glitter falls,
and the cabaret is full to burst of testosterone
Roaring with the stench of festering whiskey
But all eyes are on the girl, with a hood of scarlet hair
Tempting wolves with whispers and lies
Of a night alone with fire


Skin made by Ikue and Redesign by SaTaNiA
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