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November 1, 2013
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CI Monthly Feature - # 15

Journal Entry: Fri Nov 1, 2013, 5:09 AM

Hello dear members of #Creation-Inspiration

Another article featuring  pieces from our members! La la la la This is a great opportunity to showcase your works to more than 41k members!

Bullet; Red How can I get featured?

Bullet; White In the 15th of every month, we will post the feature poll. Just leave a thumbnail of one of your works on that poll and we will feature you in the 1st of next month. Make sure you comment before we close the poll. There's only 200 slots!

 Bullet; Red Can I use the 'Add Media' button to add my thumbnail?

Bullet; White No! Crying please don't. Just copy and paste your thumbnail in the comment then delete the last  : so the thumbnail won't work. This way is much easier for us to copy and paste thumbnails into the journal rather than opening several taps just copy them from there.

:: R A W R :: by Shizumii-KaiiAngel Without Wings by YorukoChikokoroCinderella by theheekTW101 WonderBlue by konrei-samaGrowing Up Beside You by Eeren
Blossom 25 by wuestenbrandCC-Snow Autumn by Animecolourful.:HMLS:. Expose your magus Kindness : : . by Gurincchiletters by YumiKFII - The Priestess by tashaj4de
Monster Challenge - Octoman by Ravna-Resta= OC- Brooklyn = by SevenloleSpecial commission for Xxprivate-laroroxx by CheapcookieSOLD Rue the citrus bear poseable art doll! by CreaturesofNat:thumb407223056:
Baka Mangakas Flow by Guy2362:thumb406755382:Jesse and the three little seals by JessegcKamui Week: Vintage by KhallandraCE: points of safety by Tannywantan

:thumb406545203:.WHEN IT'S ABOUT TO FALL by ilareenHatter by TareseSean Penn by AmBr0
Cuddle Buddies by JenndragonRWBY: Emblems || Insignias by hjpenndragonHugh Jackman Drawing by AgentButt-KickLathander's Light by ChelseaHantkenPlaying music by Willow-San
Ce - Kitty by Princess-CoCo-154The Lil' Guy by KidiMasterUmi Monogatari by lEdogawaHoney dragon by MilicaClkEye study by Sissyke
Lady_Elentari by SwarelleGabriel - Terra's Gate by StarlightMemoriesThe millenium Puzzle by NekkohimeOC Request - Dragon Knights by SserenitaSupernatural - The Trio by AnarchyWulf

she feels the threat II by ArayashikinoshakaAutumn by Emi-GeminiKicked out of heaven... by dtaskonakCat by otherworld-berlin
Kagome Hirohito (Improved) by PrinceInDeepThoughtNia by Risa1:thumb403599686:MIHO A.T. - Latif-Saeed by rayvin734:thumb399084680:
Shut Up and Go With Me by PKD123Harru is FREE! by isaewayyokai. by BlackNoxStarChibi batch 1 by ReversedClockLittle Red Riding Hood! Ukraine by Shimizu--chan
Monster Twins by Cray-MonsterFresh by LadyCarnalWings of Freedom by KampfzwergLevi Marsh Mud and BloodRahula’s bare feet meandered carefully around the patches of swampy earth, seeking the dryer, grassier areas of ground. His sarong was hitched up into his belt for convenience and slung over his shoulder was a cloth which he had knotted up into a makeshift bag. The sun bore down on him as he made his way up the hill as if to make up for the hours of rain that the sky had shed that morning.
Rahula gazed up the winding trail for any sign of the lookouts with no success. It was, anyway, their job to see and not be seen.
The hairs on the back of his neck prickled at the thought that he was being watched. He wondered worriedly if his uncle had forgotten that he was coming. His uncle, the undisputed and adored leader of the rebels, who as the stories say, the bravest of British soldiers saw in their nightmares as a red eyed demon. These myths unsettled Rahula specially because if he really was a demon, what did that make his nephew?
The crack of a gunshot pulled Rahula out of his rever
Pandora by AlexandraVBach

Movember and Italians by NSYee36Dutchess BG2 by TSnowSnK: Rivaille by AeveternalPretentious Sympathizer by GlassesBluFrost by YamiNoBoshi
Soba Ni Iru Yo by ashoffeathersAidan Turner from a Photo by Dean O'Gorman by SHParsonsLil Girl Devil Snap by user-zer0Myuto Cover 1 by CurulinBraixen - PSYCHIC TYPE by Parasytes
Sword and Sworcery: The Girl and the Scythian by Razputin93AT - Koi and Kin by SterendennCalvin Pixel Doll by ChewsomeInterchangeable Table Top Table by dizzyflower28Benedict-7 by 7-Year-Bytch
Fly Nimble! - Contest Entry by PiunaLast Rays by KBL3SGlasses in the dark IV by Panda-kiddieDream 10 2013 by HeatherGwinnWhen My Love Returns by StarfireArizona

kurobasu: to steal a kissu by paichi:thumb406905723:EXO - Bad Boys by Hakashi-ArakawaFleet Review Fireworks 18 by BrendanR85Autumnal Day - Manipulation by interesive
Poker Table  for by rbl3dTinguri - Chin Hua and Lu Xun by Momoko122Quiet Search by cheslahs i s t e r s by selinmarsouSusie the Little Blue Coupe DISNEY GIRLS COLLAB by fantreasureplanetljs

Request: Tara by MidnightArtDragonPassion by TeaserdCold Jewels by LittleMissAlexiusAge (In)appropriate (Part 4): Spike Vs. Caramel by Pony-BerserkerLike the Wind by ActsofArt

Obsolete by FranzNacionThe Breakfast Club by ANTI-caustic[2/30] Awesome Sugar by Leny97Gambit Ken costume by Lil-HawkMay Chang by micchiyume

.chase the tender light. by Tone-of-EchoesThe General. by LookingToDrawBunn Bunn~ by MuskCatPoseidon - Ruler of the Seas by llinuteBrain Melt: Process of Creativity by CreativeExistence

Hwang Mi Hee by SaintDillWill the moon send my message? by x-Angel0Arquebusiers by Patriartis Sweet dreamsLife is so fair.
The way you get everything you deserve.
The way you always know what’s going to happen next.
The way you can turn off unwanted emotions.
So fair.
Time is nice, too.
It flows differently just based on where we are.
It goes so fast when we’re together.
And so agonizingly slow when we’re apart.
It’s nice.
But we’re in a flawed world.
We are wounded by bullets and by words.
We always hurt, from aches and pains, both physical and emotional.
Damn this body for its flaws.
And bless it for its abilities.
But damn it all anyway.
Because life is so fair.
I love you and don’t know when it started.
Or how I got so broken hearted.
But I hear about how you suffer.
I long to fix it all.
I long to whisk us away to a new place where life and time and everything can be perfect.
I want to cut off the bad parts.
I do.
Do we have to live such different lives?
I know you love me, too.
But why are we so separated by simple things that neither of us can jus
Boxed by BikeBoyPunk

:thumb406298154:Idle by TheBlackBulletsCupcake! by OrbesHello new world ! by Shiroka-chanBuffalear's Chow Time ft Rattle Crawler by RustyCroutons

Heart by MyRaInBoWsMoonlight and his Pokeball by alewismJade Harley by Taimuakiseeing by Nikaerin.: the wilhelm scream :. by debie-chan

Beginning Bullfighter by AkiraHikawaHearts Under Blades - Teaser Wallpaper by ArtistMeliGods: The Water Nymph by OniNoKoThe Time Machine by MariyaIgnatovaR.A. Halloween Contest- trick or Treat by koilj

Face 2 (pencil Art) by SepticSkeptikLusitano Perlino by AnaMartaLouraArt trade-Michipnf by SplashyRainbowleave me be by tallouh

Aerick Duhram by pottertwins186Icon Set - DoodlePainter by StabrinaCotton Candy by AdeleClaytonGateway to Childhood by Miguel-SantosBilbo Baggins by Virdigris

doki doki by remiitaTLOK - Desna and Eska Magnet by mdelcristoReaching for Starlight by merunicorn00413 by Fruitatious

DRRR!! by SatoshiDWynette (Winnie) by MarthaTumaMidnight run at Halloween by LadyCarnalThe rootworm by YAMATA12Otoyomegatari Observational Study by Bansini

Doktor Von Klaus called the Griffon... by BlueMilleniumStark Airlines by PATotkacaElijah by EmberblueLightning by Gee-94Looking for patterns by Hitchhikerdave

Remembrance by MaidenStarSpirit Day 2013 by BlackThornRosedarkness by chiri-chirikaThanksgiving2013 by C21Fleurs des fees - La Reine by Mrs-SaxoBeat

Wild Mage by CyruscloudPurple by HannahjaneleeYou Killed The Stars by Copper-LightSourceUp and Down the Boulevard by freuddwynrandom postcard by Blue-Milk95
Mighty Cat Masked Niyander Wallpaper by Meiko55Boneyard Valley by LionsketchStrength tarrot card by theheekResident Evil 3 - Jill hunted by Zombie by VertigoZXaveva una farfalla, dentro. by awfultosee

Sherlock by MintsteakDRAWING (pastel) - DOUGLAS ADAMS by b-DediGO TO- by Niladerpwhite Dragon by dieJodisBuzzard Landing by 5Happy5

I love deviantART!

CI monthly featuring
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ThisAccountWillDie Featured By Owner Jan 24, 2014
THIS IS AMAZING!!! Thanks for the feature! :D
KiwiCocktail Featured By Owner Nov 30, 2013  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Beautiful feature :heart:
Chewsome Featured By Owner Nov 9, 2013
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AnaMartaLoura Featured By Owner Nov 5, 2013  Student Photographer
Thank you veeery much! Heart Hug
awfultosee Featured By Owner Nov 5, 2013
Piuna Featured By Owner Nov 4, 2013
Thank you! All the works are very nice.
fantreasureplanetljs Featured By Owner Nov 4, 2013  Student General Artist
:la: Thank you again for the feature! :D
Eeren Featured By Owner Nov 4, 2013  Student Digital Artist
Thank you very much for featuring me!!!! <3
Loilie Featured By Owner Nov 3, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
Beautiful features! :3
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