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CI Monthly Feature #19

Journal Entry: Sat Mar 1, 2014, 12:38 AM

Hello dear members of Creation-Inspiration

Another article featuring works from our members! La la la la This is a great opportunity to showcase your works to more than 44k members and 38k watchers!

Bullet; White In the 15th of every month, we will post the feature poll. Just leave a thumbnail of one of your works on that poll and we will feature you in the 1st of next month. Make sure you comment before we close the poll. There's only 200 slots!

Vegeta Super Sayian 3 by EckoSlimeSO WHAT KNOW ? (drawing) by b-DediToxic glow by KaymaroMeetup by StudioIJBAoH- Rainy Day (After School) by T-O-S-S
New Directions by theheekIce Cream Burglar by KaylaKedzioraBatman Characters Pokefied part 2 by NawrakianSniperBeautiful Woman by TheAshWeasleyKRAKEN by blazi76
Wickedly Frozen [Elsa X Elphaba] by TheLadyJTreasure by reznor666Be My Valentine by MikiCloverHunting Season by FigBeaterAyyy Bro by 1WebRainbowe1
Age (In)appropriate (Part 5): The Love Trap by Pony-BerserkerFire Emblem Secret Santa by KitsuneintheblizzardKokoro Beach Time - Dead or Alive by VertigoZXThe feast of starlight by Rinoa-Light-LeonhartGull 1 by wuestenbrand

Dino's Pondering by RukuaSakata Gintoki by SatoshiDGathered here within our hearts by ashoffeathers Limbo of the Heart Have you ever waited so long for something because you love it?
Have you loved someone for so long that there is no one else?
Have you been not there, and yet not here either?
Has loving for so long come to a state of Limbo?
Waiting and Loving.. A Purgatory for the heart buried in your chest.
You can't go back, and you can't go forward.
Pastel Goth Ev by AShiori-chan
That Tongue Guy... by KidiMaster::Sword hill:: by sangheili117Rainbow Fall by Colorful--MelodyHuggles by OtakuKiki Day Of The Full MoonOn a beautiful dark night
Where this full moon shines bright
My tears wishing to be seen
but no one around too keen
Wishing to hold
crying so bold
this pain unbearable
but just the same
I cry not just for me but
for you who became
I want you to relax
but I know it too well
When that's how you feel
I can't seal this deal..
You won't budge
and I can't nudge
All it ends to is that
I love you and only you.

Impala by JabuzzzCupids Cookie by ymiraAutumn on the River by MyrtoGklHighschool Ppg by Princess-CoCo-154Untitled by 4yukimarukuchiki4
Lunchtimee by NedaruCalvin by Chewsome Charm Cafe Chapter 1
"It's Just A Spark"
Chloe Welsh didn’t think that her day could get any worse until her Grandma told her she was selling the café.
“Hang on! What?! Grandma you can’t be serious! You can’t sell the café!” She practically yelled at her, almost dropping the steaming hot triple marshmallow hot chocolate she was making. She was in such shock that she hardly noticed the few splashes that came from the cup which fell to the floor and managed to soil her apron. Instead she eyed her Grandmother carefully. 
"Look, I’m getting older and it’s getting harder and harder for me to run the place.” Grandma reasoned her steel blue eyes filled with great sadness as she sat sipping a cup of tea at one of the numerous tables in the café. “Your mother thinks it would be good for me to travel a bit, you know see the world and all that.”
Chloe paused for a moment, deciding to examine Grandma’s long
CE: Skylar and Ryusei by elSpade2014 Enters by LonPi

Soownie by MidnightArtDragonUnoken by dreito100 points: Ariel Icons by SinfullyCuteSun and Moon by Yenni-VuDay 39 - Post Workout by Chame
I will teach you by reblogPixel: Kurosaki Ichigo by AkuToSeigi[prize] Maikka by wcqaguxaevery happy ending... by selinmarsouPrize : Sweet Paradise by AquaZircon
Thank you! by tashaj4deVesper's Dream by ErisiarInnocence by Kuru-sannAhriman Plush- Final Fantasy by oragamiknightPixel Chibi: Me? Maybe? by ReversedClock
The Antlered One by ThePurpleSorcererAn Unlikely Teamup by Seminon14,000 Views by nicole-m-scottRainbow way by LadyCarnalBow ties are cool! by demik13

Scales of the Forestdragon - Necklace by GanjamiraMoving Castles by BlueMormonWaiting by StarfireArizonaPrincess of forgotten things by Ravna-RestaThe River Manipulation by interesive
Gift - Kevin by KimidollL's Sweet Tooth by StarWarsJediAmyTemple of Chiang Mai - Colour Version by AkiraHikawaImmortal Footsteps In The Sand by moonlightrose44Xui by Matna-chan
Portrait Speedpaint by LittlePurpleCloudMiniature Valentine's Day 2014 by EmisBakeryFalling by popicokNoivern by OdetteryStijn (2014) by Meekochan
Dea and Preston: Mystery Start! by SamuraiflameHappy Chinese New Year by Momoko122Crocus dragons by rosepeonieLona Mahariel by NebrideSingularly Awesome Day by ShamelessMagic

Daydreamer Journal Skin by cupcakekitten20Penguin by linneaphotoR2-D2 and C-3PO (Star Wars) by AmBr0Fox's Birch by ArbiterGirlGIFT: Sapphire Night by Sunrise-LoneWolf
Cries in the Night by irriKUNChris Pine by ZabboudW. by panna-poziomkaHi, I'm Olaf and I love warm hugs! by MagicalMerlinGirlMy Valentine's gift to you by theNightwishmaster
Handsome Cat by RobydudedeviantART Shirt by Meiko558. Innocence by OtaiBuildings by MimiYoshiokaMLP: Humanized Fluttershy Pixelart by izka-197
Elizabeth by CiniminimonDavid (plus speedpaint) by TheBlackBulletsDodging Hearts by GelodevsHappy Birthday! by sysengrat:thumb429393341:

Portrait update: Rework of the Matt-wall by GlyphBellchime Psychotic Children by YorukoChikokoroHeaven Help Me by dizzyflower28:thumb428963580:[Gift] Midnight Dress by Kukaruz
Final Mission"Get those ODST's out of here! I've got it covered. Go!" I shout to the remnant of my squad who lingers behind me. "Jackson..." Parkson pleads. "Just go!" I roar, firing off at the Covenant soldiers, keeping them at bay. 211 is down, Parkson is bleeding. There is more then one life on the line. And I need to make sure they get back to safety. Save one life and lose hundreds? Or sacrifice one life and save just as much?
     I don't turn as the Pelican lands, thudding roughly onto the battle-scarred cement. I only pay attention to the looming threat of the Covenant soldiers pressing closer and closer with each growing minute. They're getting testy, testing our barricades and daring closer then ever before.
    Plasma bullets tear across the gap and pelt my armor, melting it in different places. My shields are down and I am bleeding in more then one place. Most of the places severe bleeding takes place. A bad plasma burn rips at my skin, just beneath the ribs. I
*creative title* by blueimaginationThere was a friendly but naive King... by MasterOfUnlockingThe Calming Blue by TsukikoTakahashiDaylight Obsession by Sasa-Van-Goth
Pika Appears! by rainylakeNature's Eye by bite-size-foxTiger Inkling by DanjiIsthmusRequest: Julie the Gryphon by Graphite-PawsGuardian of the Hearth by aionlights
Could I Have This Dance, Lass? by fantreasureplanetljsGearpunk Star Racer by RedVioletPandaMy Valentine by momentsawThe Postman by cheslah:thumb420203139:

The One and Only by StabrinaHappy Valentine's Day Everyone! by ClayConfectionaryNew Directions by theheekElsa by VirdigrisBurned bridges by CamaroLp
Warm Emotions by Miguel-SantosOleander and Snapdragon by PeppermintRainMama by RustyCroutonsKing of Diamonds by MirraeCrapouille, le petit prince by Babou-Shka
Lili and Caeli by antuyetlaiF2U :: [VOCALOID] Pagedolls by UnderworldPPSV swan by Risa1:thumb434437226::thumb431536272:
The Vortex of Creation by MariyaIgnatovaAfter The Battle - Psylocke Fanart by TheStrategosRukia's Execution by Frank29bleach10:thumb434217449:[COM] funkitty by Aeveternal

Kuriyama Mirai by sweetcandyteardrop:thumb433711142:Hold On Tight by MarzzelThe Book Thief - Liesel Meminger by EdaHerzLadies of the Chinese Zodiac - Rat by OllyChimera
Mononoke by merunicornWaxwing by WeaselTeaBob and Weeve by SepticSkeptikSplendor vs Slender by Carnie-VorexEarth by Vexcel
Princess Hilda cosplay outfit by TheIronRingBlanka by kidnaserIncatenata al passato - nessun futuro by VersusVIIValentine Bear by ChokokyokoPrithvi Devi... by BlueMillenium
Retreat of the Sun - Part 7 by GiuseppeTriaCanvas-34 - Tokisaki Kurumi by ReikaSasakiThe way I'm Disco Dancin' by X-Seion-X

CI monthly featuring
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