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CI Monthly Feature - # 21

Thu May 1, 2014, 6:32 AM
Hello dear members and watchers,

Another article featuring works from our members! La la la la This is a great opportunity to showcase your works to more than 44k members and 39k watchers!

Bullet; White In the 15th of every month, we will post the feature poll. Just leave a thumbnail of one of your works on that poll and we will feature you in the 1st of next month. Make sure you comment before we close the poll. There's only 200 slots!

Strange friends by KaymaroUntil Death Parts Us by elli-zhuGrape Hyacinth by wuestenbrandReimu Gif Animation by s-buttonsUba and Feeshehs by confetticandie
#22 Wash me away by GelodevsIntro- Un beau leopard violet by ClausuFayce by RustyCroutonsBe what you want by Graphite-Paws:thumb437925220:
Floriane by MarcherinComm: God of Chance by zwxARTConscienceness Broken by anime-haloGumi by Risa1Rin Okumura by n-Night-Star-n
MODERN TEZCATLIPOCA by AcaciathornMyucel by PrinniaLife's struggle by annagirl59It Never Snowed by votrebellelaideLucy Cosplaying As Misty by RiaSenpai

Dragon Art (Where Are My Dragons?) by AngeloOlson35.Rini-Chibiusa by AnimecolourfulLove is War - Denki Sai by AsymptoticWayNightmare-Kat by katsuroyasuFrozen: Chibi Snow Queen Elsa by izka-197
2013 SS_cynnscarlet Alibaba by kura-outhe moment love makes sense. by ExuberantStarchildWhat the Future Holds by freuddwynCompany policy [EN] by Nastix24The Flag Full of Pride and Honor by AkuToSeigi
Attack [Contest Entry] by moggy2007Panorama: Veli Vrh... by Dark-IndigoDaryl Dixon by Puppet-Girl86Here comes the wind by Rinoa-Light-LeonhartOther Side of the Fence by Lumnili
The Colours of Her Hair by TishawishAdoptables  ( closed) by Mezamete-Akai--TsukiEmoboy by Ravna-RestaWattcher Chibi by RukuaThe Flowers at night Wallpaper by Meiko55

Elyxia  Fantasy Statue  SOLD by SonsationalCreationsWOODWORK - HERE COMES THE SUN by b-DediCrimson by DavesPineappleAph by GlassesBlu Weight Of Forgotten ThingsBroken statues of forgotten kings
Lie in the dust of cast away things.
Their last thoughts said and their last words hurled
Their blank eyes now stare at the world
One was bound by his own peoples' ropes
And pulled down to bolster their hopes.
Another stood at the edge of town
Until time finally wore him down.
They will all lie under the future's feet
Tread on by victors they will never meet.
Broken statues of forgotten kings
Cannot see what hope their absence brings.

Impresarium-13 by GregorKerleNew fox patch - preview by goikuFemale Badass Trio by SamciuSabretooth Oni X Mermaid by TOYDREAMERLight Feathers by Saito-san97
Peeper by FuzzyPug:thumb428240417: Mythology with a Twist: Meleager and Atalanta“I can’t believe you’ve allowed a woman to join our hunt! People are already talking behind your back.” Plexippus said.
“She’s very skilled.” Meleager answered calmly. “You’ve seen her in action.”
“That does not change the fact that she is a woman!” His uncle responded. “She has no place here!”
“I can’t ask her to leave! She was one of the first people to answer my call for help!”
“Who would want a woman on their team?” His uncle pressed. “And if they did, it certainly wouldn’t be because of her skills!”
Meleager felt his blood beginning to boil. He was head of this mission, he would not stand being told what to do.
The boar that Artemis had sent against Calydon was wreaking havoc on his father’s kingdom, so he’d do anything in his power to stop it.
All good hunters were more than welcome; what if one of them happened to be a woman?
Violet Rose by EnniArt
May Death Never Stop You Doodle by AndrelicaI'm not afraid by ColourcloudDreaming with Cats by haphweiPixel art - Tales of symphonia by CheapcookieCloti in Kingdom Hearts Style by WishingDreamer5

Sun Stroll by InaWolfsimageThe eye of the tiger by ZipercooDeStarshine as human by StarshineHaste:thumb446785430:I miss you... by Crimsonyc
Dream Big by Bella-AnimaGathered here within our hearts by ashoffeathersQuest to The End of Ponyville by Pony-BerserkerMarker practice by KatieNewbieSun Dragon by Seminon
guess I finished it -.-'' by YureiGuuruCastle In the sunset by BillyNikollBunbun by StuffedPolarFoxLil SP Detective Agents by IVSMAPixel Sprite Montage by GodofDarness18
When I Found Out Color Pencils Were Useful.. by SakumaDropMorgan by Bastian2670:-- Code Geass: *Poke* -- by KaishiruScream, if you see fish by wdnestOstin and Huntz - HASE by hase-illustration

The Gangs All Here by Bizarre-LegacyRonin by Vilenchik:AC: A is for Astrid by Kallian91Image by NightfurystarsCousins by Art-in-heart4va
Lioness enough for you, Mana? by IdiotTwinsYou smile like the Mona Lisa by HoshinoDestiny[KnB] C.O.M.A Ch1 cover by AeveternalUnforgettable Dreams by Yenni-VuRoronoa Zoro - Prize for KFour9 by Kimidoll
One for the Throne by RebroshBondi Angel - Maxi by AnarchyWulfGoing online, away from Real Life by tashaj4deThe Winter Soldier by comicon-nerdPortrait - Colour Version by PoisonedOracle
IB by Angel-chuuUmbreon by alewismSpringtime by theNightwishmasterCobalt Blades by CGreyManga Coloring - Pharaoh by selinmarsou

Temple of Light (Painting) by DouxpixartTake Me Away by dizzyflower28Hatsune Miku by DragoRaven'Eyes on me' silver pendant (for sale) by seraluneThe Tree of Life (2014) by Meekochan
Abandoned Room by StarfireArizonaLost and Found by GiuseppeTriaPastel Goth Donuts Fairy Kei Dark and Cute by OkashiBurochiOdin Sphere - Gwendolyn by MoochirinCheldorado by LilMissPeppy
Ene by ShironaiiHitsugaya Toshiro by kaliyuga10Blood Red - Miku x Len by digitalpastelAidan Turner by SHParsonsThe Estranged Hut by Razowi
Fuuenken (Fire Seal) Active by RavP342014 Enters by LonPiSpirit by Kaitlin73Random Guy lol by ILuvVegeTarbleTrunksPagedoll Commission: Ruby by SinfullyCute

Battle Bunny Riven by martainolindsey Stirling- updated by aswhiteassnowHazy Spring by ErisiarPrize: Sylveon Chibi by Friend-OwlRelativity by TylerXy
Cats Eyes by RobydudeLady with Zaichanscientist by StudioIJBInception by lollypop3000Zodiac Page Dolls ~ Aries by MyStarryDreamsBeetle by Paivatar
Party Girly by MR-D-AAdam and Xertis by GlyphBellchimeMushroms Swamp by PiunaLil Mononoke by KipliMagical by YorukoChikokoro
Friendship Bracelets by BrooketteI tried by NikaerinMini!Thor - The Last Pop-Tart by caycowa7252 3 by Magnius159Lycan Warrior by TigerDragonMaster

Zelda Twilight Princess Shoulder pieces by x-Angel0Pajama party with chibi homies by charisischazzAllusion To A Dream by kanaderoMika Nakashima by sailornoelleKuruxHaru 3rd Anniv by Kuru-sann
Marowak by OdetteryRandom Practice by Art2KeyHaruka Kokonose - Kagerou Project by illuminatedflowerAngel Of Beauty And Death 4 Wwm by Toadman005
Threathening by NekkohimeAiden's Sword by NanoColorsBurning shadows by MidnightArtDragonCommission: Jamin Gene X by orribuDead Gentleman by S-e-l-a
Daenerys Targaryen, Mother of Dragons by C21Light Blast by KidiMasterPoison by PeppermintRainDat Booty! by FollowsChalkChibi sketch in History book by Glooriah

Megamind -THE EVIL MASTERMIND- by Jennikey23Dural Sinuses by RitterstandSpring Pink Sunset by annewipfEclipse by TheScribbler12Ace of spades by LadyCarnal
Angel of Death by jeckaldYou're the Only One...Ever by calbhachI'm so totally Kawaii!! by Cray-MonsterAngel and a bird by AleayoCerise and Citron by Keralice
Spring by clsanchezSuccubus lines by Stroke1986Ree'Ardana vas Univoyt by Stroke1986Being Different Is Not Always Bad by fantreasureplanetljsThe lightning strike by GodessFae
Fate- Attack on Titan/Shingeki no kyojin by To-Ka-RoLong-eared Owl by linneaphotoEternal Jupiter by Stacy-L-GageSpring Dragon by SeangelSaphTealight light by Arayashikinoshaka

After bath by Emi-GeminiAPH: Strangeness of a flower by TearsDissolvedMonte Negro Panorama by Miguel-SantosWater's Dream by SepticSkeptikImage by Nightfurystars
Rin Matsuoka by TsukikoTakahashiDragon and Egg by KatherineReedKSSnow White by theheekCOM: Ex Squared Part 1 by rainbownoteEagle Speed Paint Practice. by Mz-S
Black Rock Cry Animated (TEST ONLY) by KiranaKikoeru917Commission: Stitchie vs. Shadow by MarzzelLanChan2-2 by AlNiCo-ismReflection by CathleenTarawhitiPreserve or Possess by YaensArt
Swallows on a cherry tree by PetiteBubuUnder a concrete sky by Babou-ShkaUndying Warriors by StarWarsJediAmy

I love deviantART!

also feel free to join our monthly give away we give free Premium memberships each month :happybounce:

CI Pm Give away(Help needed) ends 20 Mayit's 20 April
happy easter fellow members  and also time for a new give away 8D

but first a very special thanks to my donators  below we can continue holding these   thank you guys for all the support

:happybounce:~~A  big thanks to our donators for the Month April:la:

(I send you a note fast as possible if you didn't got featured yet!)
for  those of you who do not know, I, Tsuki-SoraRuki decide to do a project

called project Pm give away here yo

Ci monthly featuring :)
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Lovely collection as always!
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