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May 1, 2013
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CI Monthly Feature - #9

Wed May 1, 2013, 12:03 AM

Hello dear members of #Creation-Inspiration, :iconwaveyplz:

Another article featuring 250 pieces from our members! :la: This is a great opportunity to showcase your works to more than 36k members!

Edit: your all welcome,sorry for not replying on this messages but I'm kinda busy
but you're all welcome and we do this with plesure every month

How can I get featured?

In the 15th of every month, we will post the feature poll. Just leave a thumbnail of one of your works on that poll and we will feature you in the 1st of next month. Make sure you comment before we close the poll. There's only 250 slots!


Dark/Dragon by drawitoutSM: Neo Queen Serenity by ChiaticleFlower by Momoko122World of the broken dreams by Panda-kiddieColours of Spring by annewipf
Sea of The Thousands Words... by aliencharmOrie (Complete Animation) by thescarecrowwGamzee are everywhere by HonkingMasterNekomania by mishi-chiK-On Poster by Dann-Rei
Parakeet Lady by NazonaroCounty Gem Wonderland? by AisikoAwayukiMeliai by tubyx:thumb365565867:Magical Miky by SinfullyCute
.... by KarinPyongClara Martinez by MiuShimazuTender Grace by BunnypumaChloe Grace Moretz - in Carrie 2013 by MalinPihlCasual shopping by iisjah

The Make-over by nicole-m-scottThe typical 90's Sloth by Lior-ShkediThe King who loved the Water by OniNoKoYou Wanna Fight Enderlox? -CE- by 1WebRainbowe1:thumb315860142:
The Fate Foretold by TalesOfNightWingBottled colours by EmaleeAnnePower Boobs by LorenzoSabiaMaria in the Scattered-Red Moonlight by azuriin:thumb363815452:
Dream Invasion by Jenna-sisThe Great Cookie Search Movie by TheWritingDragonAntonio Gramsci 02 - DialetticaMente by AsymptoticWayUnicorns of the World by UpalaFireRandom by iAmoret
Castiel by shroomcicleScrambled Egg by TakuyaRawr MajestyBlack the night that closed around me,
(Now I see!)
When I listened as He promised
Long I waited; still she turned and
Looked on you!
Son of few years, quickly fading:
Mortal, true.
Shadows steals across the City,
Hidden light;
I shall drown both star and candle:
Bring the Night.
See the furnace-glow of crimson?
Hear the roar?
To Doom I have brought completion:
Nothing more.
Bloody chaos breaks around me,
I shall find her she'll forget you:
Fate unmade.
But your arms are strong as iron,
Have no doubt;
Past the rail meant to save me
I spill out.
Seven times they jagged crush me,
Wrathful stones;
'Til I fall no more but lie here-
Shattered bones.
Blood-stained rise the walls above me,
Heaven marred;
As light through deep water darkly:
Radiance charred.
Ragged, now, my cloak of glory,
Seeping red;
Here in silence ends this story:
Here lies dead.
Built from broken parts by Z-A-D-YTwisted fairytail by Lolita-Artz


Death glare by JinoluExpress yourself by fishydraws Spin My Gears by Nick-Dog:thumb365455885:Flying by Sawap
JustArt by SolitariusWolfUnder Your Spell Remix by dizzyflower28Miss Rarity by quila111 HeartlessLove is cruel
Love is ironic
Love is a tool
Love is idiotic
It defies explanation
Twisting, spiraling, leaping
Without cessation
How does it conquer?
How does it rule?
It crushes, it breaks
Yet still is a jewel
If you love something
You should let it go
Yet I just can’t leave
That warm, buttery glow
It strikes without warning
At first is a blessing
Then leaves us broken
Gasping and guessing
The glass is half empty
Even when half full
But I want to smash the glass
With the rage of a bull
No matter if concealed
In dress, cloak, or suit
Love will be always
The heart’s delicious fruit
It ensnares and entangles
Dripping intoxicating juice
And all the while
It tightens the noose
Whispers in your ear
Then swiftly melts away
Comes back a second later
To lead you astray
Locks you up
Then gives you the key
But you refuse to come out
Suffused with your glee
Ah, love is mystical
So what do I know?
But hear this, child
It turns friend into foe
What I want to address
Is behind that sweet
Chopper by RedRoronoa
WT: Threaded Valentine by StabrinaProtect our Nature by SilasAleks cherry by kisarag-iSeahorse Prince by Gee-94Orpheus by Ashlmet
Bottle Miku by srcpcsohaFili and Kili - More than Brothers by Nina-Dessinatrice'Tell Yourself' - Background Art 3 by ShamelessMagicDeathly Hallows Silver Necklace by LittlePurpleCloud


Lookin for instant death? by TaiyokoChanthe royal Wedding by selinmarsouDragon Egg 'Birth' by KatherineReedKSCatronaut by 0lliebotTentacle Ecchi- Foreign Object by trinity-angel777
Hitsugaya Toshiro Fanart by DragoRavenNostalgia by mangasockattackWhen Gotham Is Ashes by CreativeExistenceTopaz, Type 4 by hybridminkpumpkin king. by xhilla
morphE - The Prologue by stkbayfield:thumb361704629:Blossom by CamaroLpHirasawa Yui by pimichuuPride by gunzy1
My Dark Side by Vintage009Baby Dragon by AkiraHikawaCryoheart - Girls' Side by KirlyfishLoad up your guns by cibo-black-catParadise (painting) by oceans-inferno


Felix, my little boy by Leny97Commission #10: FaerieoftheCourt by PockicchiAre you an angel ? by rosy-GingerPearOn My Own by HangingTheAngels
.the phoenix. by Tone-of-EchoesThe Many Faces of JBardem by anqilaEaster by EmberblueParooz by arsalanes
:thumb365793051:Hailey icon by dinobloodYoung Beauty by Sarah-BKParadise by hsybbedThe Other Races of Tamriel by ThePurpleSorcerer
''S'' is for ''Sexy'' by SeveyaYou're just an illusion...I'll never be like you.. by Metalwolf13Crowned by KepidemicRed Kisses by raquel-cobiHappy Trails by RustyCroutons


Magic Knight: Angelic Demon by Rockster2000Cerulean Cetacean by fantreasureplanetljsAgni and Isis by ArenheimDistant Traveler by SubtleC Orion
To breathe the curve and then the coil
The bulge of arms, the pull and torque
He levels arrow true in place
As muscles flex in rhythmic tune
The grace and sinew of his bow
When then at last he lets it fly
Towards rearing Horsehead nebulae
While I'm in awe and full entranced
He ne'er gives me a single glance
Yet do I mind in spite the moon
It is for me that he aims low
To stay the target his first try
With stars that set himself ablaze
And claims the prize with self-same mark
What legend brands his epic deed
And 'twixt the galaxies we'll spark.

Rainbow Hair by FollowsChalkCoffee love by KuroeMoonKatniss by B4ItWasMainstreamCosmic Black :Edited: by ForeverSoaringPassion by sweetsourcherry
Fighting the Good Fight. by Ezri-KriosTentacle skull by ElisijaneAnime LA: Light From Gotham's Shadows by kay-samaEve - FINISH 4/3/2013 by ckatt01Still 3 by M-a-s-h-a
Mother Nature by AwkwardApartmentMint by RokuGurinfuture by tenshi-koneko500The Mind as is the Eyes by knoireMorning Dew by Rhyolle


Bleach momo hinamori sexy new look fantasy by greengiant2012:thumb365746854:Pokemon Get! by 0w0bLux by xxwingxx:thumb365516223:
YJ Warhawk profile/intro - season 3 by Lil-HawkMoon by Thata-channDevil-girl by Colorful--MelodySunset Stars by luinelleSpirits by Roae
31 inch Lyra Heartstrings Plush - FOR SALE by Dreamangel686:thumb365503951:C: Trinity Goddesses by wickedzI wish... by Voyager168Lexi by Keimichi
Commission - ElectricCircusLov3r [Nostradamus] by MarzzelSneakers Plush by Strudel--Cutie4427Space by LikaKinskyHummingbird by Sawakura:: Rolling Girl - Gumi Vers. - Coloured :: by Sei-G


warrior by Milulu48Moment of Solitude by Naomi89The Chosen Place by KaligulaPROThe Temples by Van-DunkelschreiberSerket by vliu
I Do Not Care by BrieanaValentin Valle by vanillavalleAdventure Gone Wrong by Karnivilkuroko and rin by tomomi-samaBoRealiS by DiSmeCha
Rea by palemoonwolf Boooo~ ? by reizinpiu.:FLYING:. by rare-chanEnchanted Rose by ActsofArtPretty Sugar Pitch!-Hanon from MMPPP by Animecolourful
YOU ARE THE LIGHT__DOODLE by anyazaliaNoisette by MichibanCupcakesEvil Tiara by NI-XISpring takes over from Winter by AnimalisCreationsEuphenia Siku Nial by BeautifulEternalSun


Sweet Wire Necklace by TheFuzzyPineappleEvidence of the Divine Nobility by EdenaBlujul

Skin made by Ikue and Redesign by SaTaNiA
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mstoop114 Featured By Owner May 5, 2013  Student Traditional Artist
Thank you very much for the feature ^^
pimichuu Featured By Owner May 4, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
Thank you so so much for the feature~!:iconbunnyglompplz:
SassyAlex Featured By Owner May 3, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
Thank you so much for featuring my "Lost in Flowers" piece!

There are so many lovely works here.

Have a wonderful day!
ThePurpleSorcerer Featured By Owner May 3, 2013  Student Digital Artist
Thanks so much for the feature.
LikaKinsky Featured By Owner May 3, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
Thanks for featuring!!! :hug:
Everything is marvelous) :heart:
palemoonwolf Featured By Owner May 2, 2013  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Thanks for the feature! There are very nice works here!
UpalaFire Featured By Owner May 2, 2013  Student Traditional Artist
Thank you soooo much guys for including my Unicorn Infographic! Much appreciated:D
reizinpiu Featured By Owner May 2, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
thank you~ for featuring my art.. :happybounce::heart:
Ganjamira Featured By Owner May 2, 2013  Professional Traditional Artist
Thank you very much for featuring my work!

And thanks to all other artists making such great works! x3
Gee-94 Featured By Owner May 2, 2013  Student Traditional Artist
Thank you for the feature!
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